Escola Amadip Esment Esment Escola Professional


Esment Escola Professional is an idea by the Amadip Esment foundation: an organisation that attends to people, detects their needs, offers support to meet such needs and is committed to society and the common good. Esment Escola Professional shares these values.

Why Esment Escola Professional?

We’ve been focusing on schools with special needs pupils for some years now. We adapt training plans to improve learning and personal skills. We guide and support people in their training and in their search for work, as well as monitoring their progress individually. We provide support at all times and in all areas of their lives.

And we’re observers. We look at the situation and ask ourselves “what else could be done?”. For several years now we’ve focused on young people with a passion but no opportunity to develop it. We look for commitment with and from them. Esment Escola Professional is committed to providing them with training, companies are committed to giving them a job to develop their passion and the government is committed to creating the framework to make such collaborations possible.

Esment Escola Professional is an integrated training project within a business environment and has its own Job Placement Agency to help match the needs of both companies and workers.