Escola Amadip Esment Esment Escola Professional


A school with values that promotes people’s complete development

For each and every one:

That focuses on a person’s particular specialities and designs flexible programmes aimed at reinforcing personal skills.


With and between students and trainers, with companies. The sum of everyone’s efforts for the benefit of the common good.


Aiming to secure everyone’s commitment: learners, professionals and companies.


Promoting the merits of a job well done, attention to detail and dexterity. Encouraging a passion for vocation.

Pedagogically innovative:

Flexible programmes and methodologies that promote passions, take advantage of technology and adapt to a wide range of skills and abilities. With tutors who undergo constant training, accompanying learners throughout the process.

Learning by doing:

Learning through experience and involvement.

Professional educators:

Good teachers, outstanding in their profession with experience in the world of work.

Committed companies:

Involved in training and recruiting young people for work. Who want to recruit professionals trained in line with their needs.

Architecture for learning:

Designed to enhance creativity, communication and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Spacious, open areas that stimulate learning.