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The most competitive companies include training in their key areas.

I want to take on apprentices

  1. Contact Esment Escola Professional and pass on the professional profile you need.
  2. The company selects the apprentices. If the company doesn’t have any candidates, Esment Escola Professional selects potential apprentices based on their skills, choosing those most in line with the company’s requirements.
  3. Developing the training plan.
  4. Signing the contract and agreement with the training centre.
We report everything back to you
Contact form companies

Training and apprenticeship contract and tax breaks. Company’s commitment to training.

Relationship between the company tutor and the training centre tutor.

To take out the contract, and as a guarantee of the company’s commitment to the apprentice’s training, it must have a trained tutor* for the activity in question. This tutor is in contact with the counsellor at Esment Escola Professional.

*Esment Escola Professional is certified to give training to company tutors.


  • Coordination of the training programme.
  • Set targets for in-company learning.
  • Monitor the apprenticeship.
  • Evaluate the apprentice and report on results.
  • Technical and pedagogical support.
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  • Recruit qualified professionals with specific training for the company.
  • Become more competitive, differentiating the firm through training and innovation.
  • Take part in an initiative committed to young people and the common good.
  • Tax and labour incentives.

What do we offer?

  • Collaborate in selecting apprentices.
  • Training and schedules adapted to the company’s requirements.
  • Train and advise company tutors.
  • Continual, individualised monitoring of apprentices by Esment Escola tutors.